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     Have you ever looked up, closed your eyes and wished upon a star?  Have you thrown a penny in a fountain and made a wish? Making wishes has been a custom handed down for generations.  We all enjoy the idea of wishes coming true and that doesn't hurt anyone, now does it?  That’s exactly how we feel here at Jubilee Home Accents, so we added a WishList to our website to help make some of your wishes come true.


    The WishList will be your online friend.  Our user-friendly website offers this feature as a handy resource for you.  Located at the top right of every page, just sign-in to your account and start adding a few of your favorite things!  It's a great tool to use when planning future purchases of items that fit your lifestyle. The WishList will keep your favorite items curated together but separate from your shopping cart until you want to purchase them. However, an extra bonus of the WishList is that you can "electronically share it" with friends and family.  When your birthday, anniversary or special occasion rolls around, your WishList will show them exactly what you are wanting.  Finding the perfect gift or thoughtful surprise for you will be quicker and easier for them.  They will enjoy having less stress and being able to save time shopping around; and surely you will agree that it’s always best to receive a gift you actually want and don’t have to return later!


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     Jubilee Home Accents has created a seamless shopping experience for you and offers only high quality on- trend merchandise. So, what are you waiting for?  Visit our website and browse through our beautiful products and unique gifts right now to experience it yourself.

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